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Pantothen is a high performance, natural solution to the problem of your acne. This powerful formula gives your skin what it needs to restore and clear itself - naturally.

By regulating the amount of oil your body can clear from your skin, you can give your body what it needs to fight acne, and prevent it before it even forms. This clinically proven approach has already delivered exceptional results for countless customers.

Clinical Studies Prove Pantothen Reduces
Acne & Lesions

Thanks to several years of clinical research and trials, Pantothen has been proven effective at clearing skin and delivering enduring results.

Research has tested and demonstrated Pantothen's acne clearing power. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications yielded the following results:

Columbia University Study Confirms -
Pantothen Works!

As this University research shows, Pantothen noticeably decreases skin lesions, blemishes and related problems after only 8 weeks of use. Test subjects also reported a higher satisfaction in their lives after they regained clear skin.

In another study completed by Columbia University in November 2013, 48 patients were divided into Pantothen vs. placebo groups. The Pantothen group showed a 68% higher reduction rate in acne lesions than placebo after 12 weeks of treatment.

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Real Stories: Real Results

*The following testimonials were received by email and mail from Pantothen customers. Results may vary and the sample results below cannot be expected in 100% of Pantothen users.

Pantothen has helped countless men and women target their acne and clear up their complexions.

Pantothen video testimonials of Katie, Fay and James.*

Lifetime Money Back Guarantee: Your Money Back If Not Totally Satisfied!

No matter what type of acne you have, Pantothen will work as promised - or we'll refund your money. No exceptions, no excuses! Collection of Pantothen Video Testimonials
Please find attached before and after close up photos of my 13 year old daughter.I think the pictures speak for themselves. I endorsed this product in feedback to you after seeing the results when she first tried Pantheon. There is no doubt in my mind that this product works and does what it says.* - Emma T.
Panthothen has changed my life for ever. I have finally found a safe product that works and I have never been happier.* - David P.
*Results may vary and the sample results below cannot be expected in 100% of Pantothen users.
My name is Alexis Hoelmer and I had tried many acne products, such as Proactive, Neutrogena, herbal pills before trying Pantothen. I have referred friends and my mom's co-workers to Pantothen. It is a great product!!! You really have to stick to the program for it to work, you can not just take a few pills here and there.* - Alexis Hoelmer
I've used every product out there, from Neutrogena to ProActiv and none as worked like the Pantothen! Everything made my face dry. Pantothen is perfect for me! It works for me! And I would tell the world about Pantothen! Thanks Pantothen!* - Angela D.
Nothing ever worked to help my breakouts until I got on Pantothen. But Pantothen is the real deal, it got rid of my pimples. No more acne, no more worries. That's all I can say. It's great, anyone with acne should use it.* - Sheila
*Results may vary and the sample results below cannot be expected in 100% of Pantothen users.
Acne was ruining my life. I was afraid to be around guys because I felt extremely unattractive. It made me not want to even leave the house. But I lost my insurance and couldn't afford to go to the doctor. That's how I found Pantothen. It got rid of my pimples thanks to you!* - Barbara
I was skeptical at first, but after a few days I saw my skin clearing up and slowly all was gone! Thanks Pantothen You guys rock!* - Sharon
Thanks to you I finally got rid of my annoying acne situation. And it cost me less than all the other treatments and had no bad health effects on me. I recommend this to anyone who needs to get rid of acne.* - Daniel
*Results may vary and the sample results below cannot be expected in 100% of Pantothen users.
This is great stuff! I'm no longer scared of looking in the mirror because my beautiful face has returned. I am so glad I tried Pantothen. It worked when nothing else was able to help me.* - Jaynie
I have suffered from moderate acne for about 3 years and I have tried Murad, Proactive, Acne Free and many other OTC and nothing has worked for me. I always hated using chemicals on my skin that can cause premature aging. I just love that Pantothen is all natural. It really improved "killed" my whiteheads and blackheads totally in a few weeks. I love Pantothen!* - Andrea
I really cannot express how HAPPY I am with Pantothen. It's the best thing that happened to me in years, I'm finally acne free!!!!* - Cynthia
*Results may vary and the sample results below cannot be expected in 100% of Pantothen users.
After everything failed I was desparate to find something that would clear my face naturally. I can't believe what a great job pantothen has done. It also gave me more energy and I lost weight during the time I took it, it's a powerful pill.* - Paulina
I was afraid to use pills, but after I spoke to one of your guys on the phone I understood these are all natural, so I gave it a try, and I'm glad to say it's worked great! Thanks!* - Boris
After using so-many acne treatments on my skin I wanted to try something that could work with my body from within, and Pantothen looked like a good choice. My friend at work told me about it. I took it for a few weeks, had a few pimples here and there, but then started to see how my skin was clearing up very nicely. It's something I haven't seen in years.... thank you very much for an amazing product! I've told all of my friends who have acne problems about you, thanks!!* - Dana
*Results may vary and the sample results below cannot be expected in 100% of Pantothen users.
...not only did my skin feel better and look better, my confidecne boosted and I felt like myself again. I hate acne, and your product is a real acne killer.* - Rachel

90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not satisfied with your results, you may return Pantothen for a full refund within 90 days. No questions asked! Here are the details on our guarantee:

The 90 day period begins the day you receive your order. Please email to receive full details on how to return your order.

The empty bottles must be returned in order for us to process the refund.

We can only issue a refund for every bottle that is returned. For example, if you ordered two bottles and only return one, we will happily refund the one bottle you returned. However, we cannot refund the second bottle until it is returned.

Please allow 2 weeks for us to process any returns/refunds.

Shipping costs are not refundable.


Many of our most common questions are addressed below, but feel free to email us if you don't find the answer you're looking for ...

Pantothen FAQs

How does Pantothen work?
Pantothen works by increasing the natural chemicals in your body that break down oils before they can cause pimples. It does so naturally, by working with your own body chemistry. You can learn more by clicking here.
How do I use Pantothen?
Simply take our pills four times a day with a glass of water.
Is Pantothen effective for all types of Acne?
Pantothen is effective for most types of face or back acne , from mild to severe, including: Whiteheads, Blackheads, Papules, Pustules, Nodules, Cysts and Acne Rosacea.
When do I take Pantothen?
It should be taken in the morning, afternoon, late afternoon and evening.
Will Pantothen interfere with my acne cream?
No. Your cream is dealing with the symptoms. Pantothen is dealing with the root cause. There is no interaction between the two at all.
Are there any drug interaction problems associated with Pantothen?
No. There are no known drug interactions because Pantothen contains natural ingredients that are already present in your body.
Does Pantothen work for both teens and adults?
Yes, and it is safe for both teens and adults.
Do you do have any type of Auto Ship Program?
You might be familiar with some companies that have an "auto-ship" program in which they charge you each and every month. We do nothing of the sort. When you purchase from us, it is a one-time charge. If you want to reorder simply call us, or order online. It's as simple as that.
Why do you not offer any free trials?
99% of all "free trials" are not really "free". If they were free then why do they still ask you for your credit card information? Because after you get the "free sample", they will charge you the full price of the item within 30 days. Then each month they will keep charging your credit card and send you products you probably don't even want. This is how they make money. Our product works and therefore we don't need to adhere to unethical tactics. Also remember that unlike other companies - we stand behind our 100% lifetime money back guarantee, so your order with us is 100% risk free.
What is Pantothen made of?

Acne FAQs

I try to eat right and wash my face every day but still get acne. What am I doing wrong?
Nothing. Acne is not caused by anything you do. It is caused by a wide variety of natural reasons including genetics and hormones. It is not your fault!
How common is acne? Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who has it.
Acne is much more common than you think. More than 85 percent of the population will battle acne at some point in their lives. More than 50 percent of adult women suffer from some form of acne. You are not alone.
Is there a cure for acne?
No. Acne is a chronic condition. Once a breakout occurs, you have to ride it out. What you can do is prevent a breakout in the first place. That's what Pantothen does - it stops pimples before they happen.
I started to break out as soon as I went on the pill. Is there a connection?
Yes. Some, but not all, hormonal birth control can trigger acne because it increases the amount of testosterone in your system.
What's the best way to fight acne?
The best way to prevent acne is to work with your body to prevent the build up of oils in the first place. Creams and ointments simply dry out your skin and cause pimples to fall off faster. Products like Pantothen that work inside your body to get rid of oil before it creates pimples are far more effective at treating acne.
Does eating fatty foods cause acne?
No. There is no connection at all between what you eat and a breakout. It takes up to three weeks for a pimple to form. So, if you eat a cheeseburger and break out the next day, there is no way there could possibly be a connection.
Is acne really a big deal?
Yes. It's not a superficial concern. It can cause depression and a loss of self-worth. Plus, if left untreated it can cause permanent scaring.
I thought only teenagers got acne?
Acne affects the lives of 90 percent of teenagers. But, they are far from the only victims. At least 50 percent of adult women and 25 percent of adult men will suffer from acne at some point in their lives.
If left untreated, how long can acne last?
Acne is a chronic condition. Without treatment, it has been known to last for up to 20 years.
I heard that going out in the sun could cure acne. Is this true?
No. All going out in the sun does is make you more tan, which can hide minor acne blemishes. Tanning itself does nothing to cure acne.
I always seem to have an acne breakout when I come back from vacation. What's up with that?
More likely than not, you are using the wrong type of sun tan lotion when you are on vacation. Oil based sun tan lotions can clog your pores and put you at a higher risk for acne. Try to use non-oil based sun tan lotions instead.
Do spot treatments really work?
Not really. Spot treatments simply attack the visible symptoms of acne but do nothing to prevent future breakouts. For that you need a natural internal system like Pantothen.
If I wash my face a lot will that help reduce acne?
No. In fact, if you scrub your face too much you'll make it more sensitive and damage your pores, which make it more likely you'll suffer a breakout.
I've been working longer hours lately and suddenly my skin is breaking out. What's happening?
You are probably not getting enough sleep. The less sleep you get the more stressed out you get, which can throw your hormones off balance and create acne.